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Flexible Terminvergabe (Mo-Fr: 10:00-18:00)

Wir präsentieren Hunde verschiedenster Rassen auf nationalen und internationalen Ausstellung im europäischen Raum. Falls auch Sie Ihren Vierbeiner ausstellen möchten, informieren wir Sie gerne über unser umfassendes Angebot vom Training und Grooming bis hin zum Handling auf Shows.

Handling Services

What does it need to be successful at a dog show?

  • A good dog according to the standard
  • A well maintained and healthy looking dog
  • A happy dog with stable character which feels comfortable in the ring
  • A well trained dog which knows what´s going to happen in the ring
  • A bond between the handler and the dog
  • Trust from both sides
  • A balanced performance without pressure, tension or edginess
  • A good mood during ring-time

What often looks so easy is the result of a long process and the interplay of several factors. From our beginnings we know how stressful it can be to attend a show. Correct grooming, a balanced dog, a balanced self, equipment, timetable and so much more things to pay attention on. That this can turn out to be stressful for the owner as well as for the dog, is obvious. Here we can support you.

We provide many services, but as every dog is individual, we prefer to talk about the best offer case by case.
Therefore we would appreciate if you contact us.

Show Training

You want to present your dog on a dog show, but don´t know how?

We are here to help and provide the following services:

  • Theory about dog shows and explanation of the procedure
  • Basics about handling, movement, stacking and table presentation
  • Developing a suitable and individual training plan
  • Training under distraction and show-like situations
  • Video analysis and feedback

The training takes place whether at our place or certain locations which immitate show atmosphere.
Visits at your home are possible. (For this we have to charge travel costs.)
Also we provide online-consultations.

Feel free to contact us for further information.